Thursday, November 10, 2011

The best food on planet Earth

Shot at Ocean Pride, Baltimore, Maryland. Tip: Ask if they're heavy today.

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  1. baltimore blue crabs are the best.

    ... but i like them with beer, not wine (sorry!)

  2. Hard to argue with you on that -- and why would I?

    If I have wine, I have low-alcohol Riesling. With these guys, I just had iced tea.

  3. Love MD crabs. Not a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, but love MD crabs...

  4. Joe: Was rather astounded to see Ray Lewis interviewed post-game recently saying essentially that God helps him with his positioning on each play. With the way he paints his eyeblack, he looks like a Rob Zombie killer, but he talks like Tim Tebow.

    Just enjoy the crabs. I hate the NY Yankees more than getting a root canal, but man do I like eating in NY.

  5. Oh, come on gentleman. Dungeness are the best, eaten on the end of a pier with either a bottle of Oregon pinot gris or Rogue Arrogant Bastard.