Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wine with brunch: what do you drink?

I polished off a dim sum article this week, which should run shortly. While making my last visit, I got to talking about wine with dim sum.

I've had delicious wines with dim sum, most recently when Jamie Kutch joined me and friends at Hong Kong Lounge and brought some of his elegant Pinots Noir. But on my own, I never think to bring wine to dim sum, even though I often eat it at noon or just after.

However, I have a glass of wine with lunch all the time, particularly on weekends. And I don't think twice about attending wine events at lunchtime and having multiple glasses there.

Why the difference? To me, dim sum is brunch, and I don't usually drink at brunch. I think it's a psychological barrier.

But I'm the worst person to write about wine with brunch because I confess, I never go to American-style brunch. I know mimosas sell like hotcakes. But a mimosa isn't wine: it's a sweet cocktail. I could make you one with orange juice, shochu and sparkling water such that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

So I got to wondering: do you drink wine with brunch? If so, what kind of wine? Bubbly? Big reds with sausage and eggs?

I have no answers here, only questions. Let me know if you've got the answers.

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  1. With dim sum I can't imagine drinking anything but tea. With American style breakfast or brunch, I'm more inclined towards a cocktail--Mimosa, Bellini, Bloody Mary or Gin Fizz.

  2. More elegant than a mimosa, still sweet bubbles. I can see it.

  3. Amy: Why cocktails, and not wine? Not disagreeing, it seems the norm, but curious.

  4. I think a sparkling Rose pairs well. We serve one made from Nerello Mascalese that is very nice: a fruity dry sparkling with a nice acidity, aromas of red fruit and pear. Not a super complex wine but very festive and fun!

  5. I typically have dim sum as lunch or dinner -- I drink beer. With American brunch -- rhone whites


  6. Why not wine? Good question. I'm not sure. I think the morning is early for drinking, so I tend to go with something watered down a bit hence the juicy cocktails.

  7. While I don't regularly drink beer, I do like it with dim sum. Good Champagne of course goes with almost everything. The combination of low alcohol, some rs and lots of aroma and flavor is hard to beat.

  8. Bubbly, especially Rosé. A dry rieslingbwould work as well. maybe even a Sauv Blanc!

  9. Prosecco. Or a Negroni made with Prosecco (Negroni "Spagliato" ?)