Monday, June 18, 2012

Cutting edge fashion from The Gray Report

On Thursday, the New York Times ran a story about style in the fashion-conscious NBA. The league has been under a dress code since 2005, encouraging the wealthy young men to outdo each other with their hipness.

The story pictured Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder at a press conference. Let's have a look at a screen grab:

Gee, those glasses look familiar! Here's how the obviously jealous writer later describes the look:

Call it an ode to the geek, a nerdy blast from the past with pseudo-metrosexual overtones and hip-hop influences by Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Kanye West. 
We later learn that although Westbrook insists, "I got a style of my own," LeBron James insists he was sporting this look a full two years before Westbrook.

Yes, but who was there before LeBron James?

NBA players and other young millionaires, if you want more tips on style, have your agent call me.

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