Friday, July 6, 2012

Tweets about McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's

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Recently I noticed that, according to Facebook, 15,775 people were talking about Wendy's. "What the hell are they saying?" I wondered. So I decided to search for the main burger chains on Twitter to find out.

This is a selection of tweets I found on a recent Friday morning. I have removed all twitter handles because it reads cleaner, not because of privacy. Because these folks, they WANTED you to read their thoughts. And may I just add ... LOLZ.

McDonald's tweets

I ain't ate McDonald's in almost a year...I saw an experiment and never ate it again

When a person has McDonald's at 2:30a & then has a dream about racing on a Segway. One can blame the food of choice before bed...

McDonald's fuck yeahh.

Hahahhahahaha Mcdonald's hahaha

I will see you! I promise! We got to have another McDonald’s date with Christian, Brady, Matt, and others. & we can party to

My goal today is to go all day without eating McDonald's.. I honestly don't know if it's possible but I have to quit eating there SO much.

Bouta eat McDonald's after almost two months *shrugs *

That's dirty McDonald's. You're probably gonna die.

Burger King tweets

Road trip with dedo and (xxx) to "albania" aka burger king lmaooo

Gondor has no Burger King. Gondor needs no Burger King.

Burger King really has a bacon sundae? That's fucking gross

I saw a fat lady with a "M.O.B." tattoo on her arm. I asked "Money over bitches?" She said "No, McDonalds over Burger King.

Yeee daddy bring me burger king

Burger king is a rip off £5 for a kids meal #dontthinkso

If you eat pulled pork from Burger King, you clearly have no fucks to give about your life

I always see Burger King as generic McDonalds for some reason.


I've had Burger King 3 times this week for lunch, and I still aint tired of it

Wendy's tweets

Why did I just eat at Wendy's?

At least I got some Wendy's

not jealous because I eat fish filet at Wendy's alllll the time ;P

I really hope my mama brings me my Wendy's soon. I want American food.

Ate Wendy's But I didn't want it!

The vestibule at Wendy's smells like old people.

I want Wendy's :(

Wendy's in Beckley, WV is the equivalent to Hyde Park steakhouse in most parts of the country. #Classy

Chick fil a was hella pack so i settled for Wendy's

I think I would contemplate moving home if the Wendy's would put back in their salad bar. I miss those ham cubes.

My summer has so far consisted of wendy's, disney channel, sports, skate 3 and chocolate milk #livinthelife

#screwyou Wendy's for giving me a half sized salad when I paid for a full. #screwyou #screwyou #screwyou

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  1. Hi Blake,

    Look at it from a dividends point of view - what's in it for you:

    BKW does not pay a dividend

    MCD pays 3.16%

    WEN pays 1.69%

    The US Gov't pays doodly squat on bonds and notes with ZERO risk.

    But Verizon(VZ) pays 4.45%

    and AT&T(T) pays 4.89%

    Besides, it is cool to text and tweet while you eat.

    All the best,