Monday, August 12, 2013

What are San Francisco Giants fans' favorite types of wine? Survey says ...

How Family Feud works
The San Francisco Giants play a Family Feud-type game with fans at home games, in which a single fan has 60 seconds to guess all the top answers to a question. It's often based on an advertiser, resulting in some stupid questions like, "What are the best things about flying Virgin America?" (No. 1 answer: "Mood lighting." From a Virgin? That's cockpit tease.)

On Friday, the question was interesting. San Francisco is probably the most wine-savvy city in the United States, and it's the capital of California wine country. So what would 100 Giants' fans say when asked,

"What is your Favorite Type of Wine?"

I'll give you a chance to play along. There are 5 answers and you have 60 seconds. The answers are after the jump.

Survey says:

How'd you do? 

Note that the woman answering the question won this game, and she got only one "X" buzzer -- for Pinot Noir, which I would have guessed, possibly first. That would have thrown me off and I don't know if I would have won.

This actually ran on the TV show
Her last guess was Cabernet, and it was torturous watching her hem and haw as the seconds ticked away. She actually guessed Zinfandel first, then Chardonnay, then Pinot Noir ("X"), then Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and ... and ... and ... 5 seconds ... "Cab?" Ding! She won a $50 certificate for a local sporting-goods shop.

What's interesting is what's not here. No Pinot Noir surprises me. And I wonder if the survey takers told people they had to name grapes, not regions. No Champagne. No Chianti Classico. No Rioja.

I'd like to replicate this game on this website if I can figure out how to do it. I know how to take polls, but I'm not sure how to ask an open-ended poll like this one. Suggestions?

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  1. I was at the game, too, and was getting actively stressed out that she wasn't coming up with Cabernet. I actually started yelling the answer, as if she could hear me from my perch up in Section 335.

    I was also surprised by Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel being there but not Pinot Noir. But for an average wine consumer, the first ones that pop into your head are going to be the supermarket favorites.

    Also, unlike the actual Family Feud, the Giants version doesn't give the point totals. It's possible that Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon both took a huge number of votes (into the 40s, even) that the rest had just a handful of votes each--and that Pinot Noir maybe was tied with Zinfandel, but she'd already given Zin as an answer?

  2. We also were screaming "Cabernet!" at her.

    I'm with you, I want to see the vote totals. Check out the vote total for the actual Ellen DeGeneres question on Family Feud that I ran a photo of. Take the link, Ellen's reaction to it is hilarious.