Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New York City firefighter wins Napa Valley Wine Train / Diablo Valley hotel prize

Chris Ewen and his fiancee Bridget
I used a random number generator to pick the winner of last week's giveaway on the blog, of a free trip on the Napa Valley Wine Train for two with a free night in a Diablo Valley hotel.

Sometimes there's karma. The winner is Chris Ewen, a New York City firefighter.

Chris is 35, lives on Long Island and works in Manhattan. He told me by e-mail, "I started getting really into wine a couple years ago. Been to Napa a while back but didn't really know what I was doing or where to go."

Chris says he's not sure when he'll get to California to claim his prize, but he hopes to travel with his fiancee Bridget.

Chris chose Ovid as the winery he'd like to visit. "I can't afford the wines but the tasting room and view looked spectacular," he said. Ovid informed me today that they would be happy to host Chris and his guest. Yay! Chris also gave me a second choice of Napa Valley winery, Shafer Vineyards, and they also offered him a tasting. Nice people, the Shafers.

Now that's an amazing two days in the Napa Valley: The Napa Valley Wine Train (which is a lot of fun), Ovid and Shafer, with a night at a Diablo Valley hotel in between. Thanks to Diablo Valley hotels, Ovid and Shafer for offering the prizes, and congratulations to Chris for winning!

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  1. Thank you! and a big thanks to Blake he's been great setting everything up