Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here's what our book's going to look like

The publisher for our Japanese-language wine book sent a sales sheet today. This is what the company's sales staff will use to peddle the product to bookshops.

Just thought you might enjoy a quick look. The book is due out in June. I'll be doing a Japanese-language media tour of some kind for it, so hopefully by then I can remember how to say "malolactic fermentation" in Japanese.

Fortunately, Japanese has only one word for delicious: "oishii." I anticipate using that a lot.


SteveinOakland said...

Very cool. My congrads to you and Mami for crossing the finish line. I hope the prize is a large one. The photo works pretty well, but wow is that a busy cover. Very Japanese.

W. Blake Gray said...

No worries, it's not the cover, just the sales sheet. It's my hope that it keeps the sales people busy!

Lisa said...

Re. only "oishii":

Is the b/c there are not too many foods that qualify as "delicious" in Japanese cuisine? Are there other words better-suited for their description?