Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kafe und kuchen -- feast your eyes

Many Germans eat cake every afternoon. My friends in northern Germany eat "kafe und kuchen" (coffee and cake) as a fourth meal about 4 p.m., with a lighter dinner later of bread and prepared salads.

The quality of cakes available in bakeries (not to mention bread) is very high, but it's a point of pride for many people to bake it themselves.

These are a few of the home-baked cakes I enjoyed in Germany. The cake at the top was made by a friend who's a true Renaissance man: He fights fires, teaches, and does all the cooking for his girlfriend, including this delicious light cheesecake with plump rum-infused raisins. I had two slices; these were not calories to regret.

My friends thought I was a little goofy for taking pictures of their daily kuchen. I guess it would be like one of my friends coming over and doing a photo shoot on a turkey sandwich I made for lunch. But I regret not taking more cake photos.

One storebought bonus below: John F. Kennedy's famous statement "Ich bin ein Berliner" actually means, "I am a jelly donut," because if you order a Berliner, that's what you get.

But what if you order an Amerikaner?

You get a lemon-iced cookie. The one I had was pretty tasty. I'm willing to identify with it.

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