Thursday, December 10, 2009

Schramsberg: one of the world's best half-bottles

Want to feel like a first-class airline passenger, without spending $10,000?

Most people don't realize that splits of sparkling wine are rarely made in the same way as full-sized 750 ml bottles. It's too much hassle to go through for wineries, so they usually use Charmat or another method of secondary fermentation, rather than in the bottle.

Schramsberg didn't do that with this wine; instead, they made it the traditional way, intending these splits for situations like first-class service on airplanes. You can drink first class with one of these cuties for the price of a super shuttle.

People like to pitch half-bottles as perfect for one person, and it's true. But I want to point out that a couple can get two good-sized glasses out of this, and sometimes that's all you need.

Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs 2005 375 ml Methode Champenoise! ($20)

This is a serious wine for a split, with a toasty, leesy aroma, bright golden apple fruit and a round mouthfeel. Indeed, it feels first-class. It gets even more complex with air, although it's tasty enough that few people will be able to leave it alone after opening it. Great when you want a glass or two of something really good. 92

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wine clubs said...

Very cool. I think having the half bottles makes a ton of sense, especially marketing wise. If you're distributing to restaurants having a good half bottle offering is pretty important.