Sunday, February 7, 2010

Free tickets to Dark and Delicious!

This contest was closer than the game, with Andrew nudging Jennifer by a single point. Sorry, Jennifer. Andrew, can you drop me a line to identify yourself? You might want to make your blogger profile public briefly so I can verify it.

Thanks to everyone for participating, and congratulations New Orleans. Whodat!

I've got two free $60 tickets to give away to Dark and Delicious -- and I'm going to give them to you!

(At least, one of you).

Here's the scoop. Dark and Delicious is an annual event pairing Petite Sirah -- the teeth-staining, nearly-black wine beloved by fans of the full-bodied -- with food made by local purveyors.

This year there are 42 wineries taking part, and 27 food companies. A full list is here on the event website, but be sure to try out Petite Sirah veterans like Rosenblum Cellars and Stags' Leap Winery and East Bay foodie favorites like Wood Tavern and Yoshi's.

The last time I ran one of these contests, I asked people to write something. This time, all I want are some numbers.

Predict the final score of the upcoming Super Bowl, and you and a friend can nosh and drink Petite Sirah until you pass out or the event ends, whichever comes first. You don't have to know anything about football -- just pick a common score like 28-17, and maybe you'll get lucky. You do, however, have to tell me which team you expect to win by that score.

The details:
Dark and Delicious
Friday, Feb. 19, 2010, 6-9 p.m.
Rock Wall Wine Company
2301 Monarch St., Alameda, CA

Unlimited wine and food tasting is included.
Parking is free. But consider taking public transport.
I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for you drinking too much Petite Sirah, getting behind the wheel and becoming a burden on the state legal system. Click here to learn how to drink like a pro.

Contest details:
Put your predicted final Super Bowl score in the comment section below; i.e., New Orleans 14, Indianapolis 10. If more than one person picks the final score correctly, I'm going to award the tickets to whoever posted first, so take a look at the previous posts before making your choice. Only one entry per person. If you post more than one score, only the first one counts.

If nobody gets it exactly right, the winner will be the person off by the fewest total points. Ties will go to the first person to post. So don't think too long -- make your prediction now!

You don't have to register for anything to enter, but if you're not logged into gmail or blogger to ID yourself, I leave it up to you to let me know some way to identify you if you win.

Deadline for entries is noon Alameda time on Feb. 7, Super Bowl Sunday.

Good luck, and remember, nothing goes with football like a nice glass of hearty red wine -- and it doesn't get heartier than Petite Sirah.


Unknown said...

New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 28

goma@sf said...

New Orleans 28, Indianapolis 7.
The last game was great.
Go New Orleans.

Unknown said...

New Orleans 34, Indianapolis 28

Unknown said...

NO 31 Indy 24. Who dat!

Unknown said...

Colts 21, Saints 14

Flux said...

Indy wins, 34-20. A prediction, not a rooting interest.

(Personally, I hope we see non-stop Peyton Manning face. I hope he gets sacked so hard his dopey brother and annoying father feel it. I hope... okay, that'll do.)

Unknown said...

Indy 31, NO 24. Go Indianapolis!!

pksafety said...

Indy 28, NO 24

Unknown said...

New Orleans 32, Indianapolis 24.

guren said...

Colts 38, Saints 27

guren said...

Colts 38, Saints 27