Friday, January 22, 2010

ZAP ticket winner: Sex or the single man?

Thanks to the folks who participated in my contest giving away two free $59 tickets to the ZAP public Zinfandel tasting, the biggest wine tasting of the year in San Francisco.

I'm going to announce the winner later today. Before doing so, I thought I'd ask for your opinions.

I confess that I'm not tech-savvy enough to run any kind of poll that would preclude ballot-stuffing. Hell, even Dr. Vino's not tech-savvy enough to do that, and he's a Dr.! So there's no actual vote here -- you have to write a comment on which guy should win, and why.

The contest asked people to describe their best Zinfandel-drinking experience in 100 words or less. Here are the finalists.

Casey wrote,

The first time I met who would later become my father in law, he shared a bottle of Martinelli Jackass Hill Zin with us. I remember clearly because I was new to wine and though Martinelli made sparkling grape juice. That night I sexed up his daughter in their guest room who like the wine, was luscious and full bodied.
We eventually married started our wine cellar and visit Martinelli every year.
Alan wrote,

The first serious wine that I purchased and enjoyed was the Rosenblum Zinfandel Richard Sauret Vineyard 2002. I was in the process of getting divorced, living in a hotel room, and wanted some wine to help drown my sorrows. Went to the local BevMo, browsed the shelves, and bought this wine. It was fantastic and started my new "love affair" with Zinfandels. We've been happy together ever since.
It's an interesting choice: Sex or the single man? Though I guess Alan could argue that he's just as attached as Casey, and in fact he's attached to the fermented grape itself.

Please comment below, and if Casey and Alan are reading this, now is a good time to get in touch with me. Good luck!

Update: Well, it's unanimous with commenters both here and on Facebook; it seems sex and a happy ending conquer all. Casey, please make your profile public long enough for me to figure out who you are. As for whether you take your bride or your father-in-law to ZAP, that's up to you.


Jim Caudill said...

Oh, it's gotta be Casey up to bat every time, not even close.

Anonymous said...


Jared Brandt said...

Casey who should bring his father-in-law.

goma@sf said...

Both pretty good. I vote for Casey for cute happy ending.

Casey Benjamin said...

Thank you everyone. The timing could not possibly be better after todays disappointing Pigs & Pinot news which you can read about here, my comment at the bottom:

Alan, I would gladly share a bottle of Zin with you anytime.

I will be attending ZAP with my lovely wife, while her father (who lives a few blocks from Fort Mason) babysits our 15, month old.

Thanks again everyone, and thank you Blake for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...


"Sexed up his daughter"???? Creepy in all kinds of ways.

W. Blake Gray said...

Erwin -- I guess that's just what Zinfandel does to you.