Thursday, June 10, 2010

Name this wine!

Today I'm going to channel my inner Vaynerchuk with a little visual quiz.

Name this wine! We've all had it.

I guarantee that if you drink at least 25 bottles of wine per year, unless you drink from an extremely limited portfolio, you have had this. (And if you DO only drink first growths or whatever, please spare us.)

Here are my tasting notes:

Very attractive dark purple color. Smells a bit like a freshly washed gym floor: concrete, dust, some hard rubber. Nearly flavorless; I believe I picked up the faintest hint of Welch's grape juice. Abrupt finish. Smooth on the palate with no tannic grip whatsoever.

Can you Name That Wine?


guren said...

Mega purple?

Unknown said...

Yellow tail

Jim Caudill said...

blending varietal?

stew said...

alamos malbec?

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Mega Purple, too.