Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charles Smith Wines explains the lawsuit against my readers

I want to thank reader Jason Vance, a Utah wine lover, for sending me a copy of the email below and giving me permission to print it. It explains a lot. I have removed the email addresses and phone numbers so they won't get spammed, but otherwise it's unedited.

For those of you who need the background, here's my original post about Charles Smith and here's the post about Smith and K Vintners suing readers of my blog.

Charles Smith: Here's an offer. Drop the lawsuit against my readers, and I will give you 700 words on this blog to say whatever you want. I retain the option of editing out profanity, obscenity or other offensiveness. Otherwise, go to town. You have my card; email me.


From: Janna Kline Rinker <(charles smith wines' email address removed)>
Date: October 13, 2010 5:13:56 PM MDT
To: (Jason's email address removed)
Cc: Charles Smith (email address removed)
Subject: Your email

Hello Jason,

Thank you for your note, although it was obviously disapproving of what you claim are our actions we have a policy to get back to everyone no matter what.

I wanted you to know that we have not filed any action to specific commenters or to bloggers, and that is evident should you read the entire story. We believe that the anonymous commenter is someone who had a mutual non-disparagement agreement with the winery and unfortunately something that should have been kept private was made public.

Again, we have not taken any legal action toward any bloggers, in fact we've done nothing but take them out to dinners, invite them to parties and be nothing but really nice to them in general! We've received negative reviews before and will in the future, of this we have no doubt. Fortunately for us, most are positive!

Your remarks about Utah puzzle me. I work with a broker there and do know that people in Utah drink wine and in fact have been trying to do more business there, it just takes a bit longer than other states. My broker was not familiar with your group and he has a great portfolio of domestic and international wineries. Their website is, you should check it out if you've never worked with their wines.

In addition, you are still welcome at the winery should you change your mind. Perhaps you would find for yourself that we are nice people and really just want to make great wine!


janna kline rinker
the director - west and international
k vintners | charles smith wines | charles & charles
m: (phone number removed)
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Portland Charcuterie Project said...

I emailed Charles after I first read your blog post on this topic, and Lynne from the winery answered his email and said that "Charles has not and is not suing anyone to date"

Charles seems like an interesting guy, and we love his wine ( whether he does or does not lovingly fondle each and every grape ).

We just booked a weekend trip to Walla Walla for the fall release weekend Nov 5-7, and are looking forward to meeting him ( and Trey Busch from Sleight of Hand )

If he's a marketing genius, as some say.. it's worked.. we've already purchased a case of his Motor City Kitty Syrah and plan to buy more of his wines next month.

Hopefully he'll drop the lawsuit and the discussions can focus on the actual wine.

Matt Mauldin said...

If the person who anonymously posted the comments in question had signed a legal non-disparagement agreement with Charles Smith, then I have no problem with Smith suing them.