Friday, December 10, 2010

Tobacco cocktail: Drink and a smoke, all in one

Jonathan Sandoval
Recently in Mexico City I found myself at the rooftop bar of the Hotel Condesa. Bartender Jonathan Sandoval had just taken part in a competition, and I asked him to make me the drink he entered.

Immediately he reached for a cigarette. And the next thing I knew, he was crumbling it into my cocktail.

The drink is called "D.F. Irreverente." I didn't get the exact proportions; it was kinda loud, and I got the impression he was freestyling it anyway. But I did note the ingredients:

D.F. Irreverente
D.F. Irreverente

Tobacco from one cigarette
2 oz Bacardi white rum
Large pour fresh pineapple juice
Simple syrup

Shake with ice and strain
Garnish with chile-spiced pineapple slice

Straining the drink removes the tobacco. Sandoval (who was surprised and pleased to learn he has an overweight namesake on the San Francisco Giants) says the tobacco gives both a flavorful tang and a slight nicotine buzz to the drink.

I can't say for sure if my buzz was particularly different. I'm not a smoker, so it didn't satisfy a craving; fortunately it didn't create one either. I will say that I partied somewhat longer than usual that night, so if you want to give credit to the nicotine and not the exotic atmosphere, it's possible.

But I'm burying the lead: the drink was quite tasty. Fresh pineapple juice makes a huge difference.

For an additional fun fact about pineapple juice -- for adults only -- you may click here. Please don't say you weren't warned.

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