Friday, October 28, 2011

Wine geek (me) captured on video

This week I started writing a monthly column for Palate Press, a publication I like a lot and previously served on the editorial board of. If you haven't read it before, here's my usual description: it's for real wine aficionados, aka wine geeks.

Like me. Sometimes I seem kind of mainstream for Palate Press, because I write stuff defending the 100-point scale. So Palate Press readers might be wondering if I belong. Here's proof that I do.

This video isn't the highest quality. My friend Dean took it with his iPhone in a low-lit dining room at Bern's Steak House while I parsed the wine list, completely ignoring him. My friend Doug Cook, better known as the creator of the wine-only search engine Able Grape, sits unseen across from me, doing pretty much the same thing, although he's obsessing over the Italian section while I yak about Inglenook wines from the 1960s.

My wife thinks the video is hilarious so I decided to share it. I look pretty intense; she must put up with this sort of thing every time I get ahold of a wine list. I have no regrets. Well, maybe one -- that we didn't actually get the Inglenook, nor did Dean buy me a bottle of Yellow Tail from Albertson's. Next time.

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Dennis said...
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Dude said...

Aint nothing like it nowhere.
Love that place.

King Krak, I Drink the Wine said...

Ha, the three years I dined there, they hadn't gotten to publishing a new wine their prices were even low to them. 20 yr old Cote du Rhones for $20. Unico at retail price, not restaurant price. Etc., etc.

M. Gray said...

Thank you very much for capturing the moment, Dean.
I think this is very funny.
Too bad it was not entire one hour and thirty minutes of deciding moment video.

W. Blake Gray said...

It was NOT one hour and thirty minutes deciding! It couldn't have been more than, I don't know, 50 minutes? Anyway, we only needed about 5 minutes to decide on a bottle of Iron Horse 2004 Brut to drink while we decided on everything else, and THAT may have been the best decision of the night.

Kent Benson said...

Blake, first time I've actually heard your voice! Who's the beauty at the end of the clip? Your wife?