Friday, November 23, 2012

Red Friday: Buy a Gray Report t-shirt

Here's the perfect Christmas gift for the blog lover on your list. A Gray Report t-shirt, with a unique design by digital media professor Dr. Stephanie Tripp. Guess where the QR code leads you!

Each custom-designed, Gildan Ultra 100% cotton t-shirt will be delivered directly to you, or your intended gift recipient. You may include a free gift message. Delivery takes about two weeks, so there's plenty of time for your friend to get the shirt -- and send you one in return.

The price is just $30 per shirt, less than it costs to taste Opus One. Shipping to the US and Canada is free! (International readers, contact me for shipping prices.)

Ordering is via Paypal, so all major credit cards accepted.

Sizes for the pictured shirt are unisex. You can order in adult S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL or 4XL. (2XL and up $32). There are also youth sizes YXS to YXL. Get a set for the whole family!

Here's how to order: Pay here:


Then send me the size(s) you want and your mailing address. You may also include a free gift message.

Thanks for supporting The Gray Report!

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W. Blake Gray said...

Reader Eric. E. wanted to know why the shirt isn't in gray. Well, it can be! Check out three additional color options on the Facebook page.

W. Blake Gray said...

Please note that other colors cost $33 (gray) or $34 (black or red).

Alvano Richie said...

How about shipping cost? its same like Gildan Sweatshirts company ?


W. Blake Gray said...

Free shipping to the US and Canada! I assume it's the same maker of t-shirts themselves, but not from the page you cite. I wish they were that cheap. In order to get them printed, I'm using a company that does that.

The idea is to get people to support the blog without asking for a straight-out donation. I stand to make about $8 on the shirt.

Patrick Frank said...

Blake, I like you. I like your blog too, and read it religiously. But wow, have you lost your mind? Putting yourself on a t-shirt? I thought I had seen everything.

W. Blake Gray said...

Patrick: What, you've never seen musicians put themselves on t-shirts? Why not bloggers? Am I not as creative as a musician?

I was thinking of just begging for money (and still might). But this seemed like an interesting way to ask people to support this website and get something for it.

rapopoda said...

Perhaps something a bit more subtle? Say, wine glasses with small red specs on the base?

W. Blake Gray said...

Rapo: Make me the design and I'll try selling that one.

rapopoda said...

Sorry, that would ensure failure for you. I have no visual design skills at all