Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vodka flavors gone wild!

Is this a vodka flavor?
Which of the following is NOT an actual vodka flavor?

* Hemp seed

* Red fish

* Sangria

* Fireweed

* Marionberry

* Glazed Donut

Answer after the jump:

The Wine Market Council is making its annual presentation to the New York media today. I wrote about the statistical news last week (highlights: sales are up; social media buzz doesn't equal sales; wines over $10 are doing better than cheaper wines. Read the story here.)

Today I just felt like running a single slide from the presentation that lists every vodka flavor Nielsen could find that was sold in the US in 2012.

And the answer to the question on page 1 is, Marionberry. Somebody is making a salmon vodka, and a gummy-flavored vodka, and a tiramisu vodka. But nobody is making a marionberry vodka yet. Or a boysenberry vodka. Or an olallieberry vodka.

Market niche!

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Emily H. said...

Tell me about it! This is a nightmare for retailers who are expected to have the latest and greatest. We only have a finite space to devote to the legions of flavored vodkas out there. And now the other major categories of whiskey and, to a lesser extent, rum and tequila are getting into the game. Enough! Or at the very least limit new releases to one or two per year so that we don't have to completely upset out normal stock in order to accommodate for these "flash in the pan" novelties!!

rapopoda said...

"Thin Mint"? How do they map the mint's girth into the vodka experience?

rapopoda said...

No marionberry? h
How about Marion Barry