Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sample Europe's food culture in two hours!

One of our European cuisine experts
I'm here today to announce "Lucky Bread," a great event coming to San Francisco, which will represent everything European: all that great food from the exciting, exotic continent, in just two hours.

At "Lucky Bread," 20 chefs, including 3 who are actually from Europe, will present bite-sized portions of European cuisine. We'll celebrate European ingredients and European flavors.

And of course there will be cocktails! Bartenders will create three cocktails to represent the essence of European taste.

France, Slovakia, Portugal -- it's all one big homogeneous continent, and you'll taste it all on one tiny plastic plate! Just $125 a ticket! Make your reservations now!

(Note: Change "Europe" to "Asia" and this is a real event.)

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