Friday, July 19, 2013

I might be the world's best wine blogger

I'm flattered today to announce that I made the shortlist for the Roederer Award for Online Wine Columnist/Blogger of the Year.

Not only that, two websites I write for -- Wine Searcher and Palate Press -- made the shortlist for International Wine Website of the Year. If you haven't visited them before, please check them out. I put a lot of my best writing on those sites and am glad to see them recognized.

The award is generally very UK-focused. I'm the only writer not based in the UK nominated in my category. My Palate Press colleague Evan Dawson is waving the Stars and Stripes in the Emerging Wine Writer category. Unlike the Wine Blog Awards, there is no public voting. As the judges are all in the UK, Evan and I should write a little more colourfully and keep our trousers on whilst we wait for the announcement in September.

I want to thank you for reading this site, because without readers I wouldn't be up for this award. Your participation is much appreciated.

The headline for this post doesn't reach the standard of humility I aspire to, but I had to take the SEO opportunity. I put the headline into, the automatic gangsta translator, and this is what I came up with:

"The ghettoz dopest Cristal blogger."

Now that's a title worth having. Here's a promise: if I win, I will write that post, with that headline. Fo shizzle.

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Unknown said...

Congratulation, Blake.
Go! Go! USA!!!

Goma SF said...


rapopoda said...

I might be the worlds best wine blogger too. The likelihood, however, is that I'm not.
Seriously tho. Well done and good luck!

jo6pac said...

Good Luck

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Blake! Not bad for a Yank! This just might put you up there with Natalie MacLean, The World's Best Wine Writer. Seriuosly, though - well done!