Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Does size matter when it comes to wine? A conversation with a reader

People occasionally email me with questions on The Gray Report Facebook page, and I try to answer them if I can. I got this one out of the blue last week. I've erased the questioner's name.

That's the end of the conversation. How would you have answered?

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Robert said...

Size is a gag, quality is a gift. Something to remember to say next time I am with someone intimately.
But good advice about the wine too.

W. Blake Gray said...

Robert: If that line doesn't work for you, try this one:

"It's not the meat, it's the pairing."

Wineskillguy said...

I admire the previous thoughtful responses to this inquiry, but my guess is that any decent 21 year old wine would be vastly under appreciated and consumed without any due respect. My suggestion would be to grab an interesting case of microbrew, drink 3 and give the birthday friend the rest along with the giant Corona and have a party.

Rarig said...
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Rarig said...

Travel to Napa and visit the French facade, Domaine Carneros sit like a king and eat their cheese then buy any 6L for $380-420.

If I were inquiring about 6L's for a 21st birthday do you think they will really care about the real moment?

My question is how many will be there to drink the 6L. Now I see how the 750ml might be more memorable...

Bob Henry said...


Your questioner could buy (or borrow from the office) an empty water cooler bottle and fill it with gift wine from a purchased 12 bottle case.

There would be no cork to pull (bypassing that "challenge" when opening a large format bottle, such as 8 liters).

And the "theatrical" presentation of pouring from a large format bottle would be largely preserved.

~~ Bob

Lisa said...

Robert and Blake,

Clever guys, youse two -- I'd enjoy either retort :)