Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Is Thanksgiving exclusively for American wines? A 50-50 divide, and I'm thankful for that

Last week I took a poll on this question: "Should Thanksgiving be celebrated with only American wines?"

I discovered what appears to be a 50-50 split on the topic.

Now granted, these are my readers, and not the general population of the US. The poll size is actually large enough to project; I've seen Presidential opinion surveys with fewer people polled.

My readership is, as a group, more passionate and knowledgeable about wine than the general US. I'm not sure which way a larger US poll would go. My guess is that it would tilt toward Yes, because my readers know and care more about wine origins, and while 70% of the wine sold in this country is American, I'll bet that percentage is lower for my readers (there's another poll for next year.) But I don't know.

I do know this -- there aren't many 50-50 divides on wine issues. We often have a passionate minority vs. a less interested majority: the 100-point scale, alcohol level, organic and natural wine issues come to mind.

But this is an issue where you don't need to know any science or background or even anything about wine. It's a simple question, and a Yes or No answer. You can fudge it by taking out the word "only," but in that case I think you'll get over 95% Yes answers.

So here's something to be thankful for: a new issue to argue about! About time too; aren't you tired of reading people bickering about the impact of social media on wine sales? Folks, you've got a year to prepare your arguments for the next round in this debate. Let's revisit this next November. In the meantime, hey, how 'bout that 100-point scale?

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Unknown said...

Yup, our household was 50/50 and just took your poll yesterday. Chateau Pitray Bordeaux and Belle Glos Pinot Noir, Clark & Telephone. Will check out a couple of titles on your book list.

Anonymous said...

So then that said, Canadian Thanksgiving should be all about Canadian wines……….. well we have great riesling and gamey noir so yes it could be, but the selection is pretty slim in some Provinces…….

W. Blake Gray said...

I can't comment because I don't understand Canadian Thanksgiving.

I had some superb, outstanding, sock-knocking Canadian Rieslings this summer.

And with global warming, give it a couple decades, finding great Canadian wine will be a lot easier.