Friday, February 28, 2014

Robert Parker faces criticism, 1980s edition

Robert Parker last week. Photo courtesy Alder Yarrow
Sometimes you hear an anecdote that just has to be shared with the wine world. Such it is with Robert Parker talking about the New York Times review of his first book.*

I've decided to give the winemaker anonymity, even though he didn't ask for it. The man from Monkton might remember this incident, but it also might not matter; from his recent Orson Welles-meets-Ho Chi Minh appearance at the wine writers' symposium, it seems that he's not reading a lot of writing on wine these days, so he probably won't read this.

So the winemaker is sitting in Parker's office in Maryland, and Parker has just seen the New York Times review of his book. It's not positive. And Parker says, "How can they be so mean? Don't they know I put my heart and soul into this book?"

* (If somebody wants to search the NYT archive and find the review, I'd like to see it.)

There was more, but that's all you need to know. I have a few winemaker readers and I thought you'd enjoy reading this. 

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Bill Haydon said...

Classic case of the bully having the thinnest skin of all and crying like a little !@#%$ the moment somebody stronger gives him a little of his own medicine.

David White said...

Thanks for linking to my commentary!

jo6pac said...

Never been a fan and David White fun read. Then there these linky things.
Read the reviews