Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sonoma County Pinot gossip: Who's for sale?

Longtime Village Voice society columnist Michael Musto created a unique way of writing about gossip he'd heard that he wanted to report, but couldn't get officially verified. Rather than give answers, he'd ask questions.

In honor of Mr. Musto, a wearer of fine spectacles though usually in black, here's some Sonoma County Pinot Noir gossip I recently heard.

What four major Sonoma County Pinot Noir wineries are for sale?

Which of them just hired a new winemaker to keep doing the rich, powerful style? Which of them saw its winemaker hired away?

Which of them is known for converting to the opposite, a leaner style of Pinot? 

Which of them was sold for big bucks not long ago? Will anybody pay the high asking price again, when it's mostly a brand without much real property?

Why all four at the same time? How much of the motivation is the desire to retire, with no heirs to take over? How much is the desire to cash in when people seem to be spending money again?

What does it say about the value of Sonoma County wineries in today's market? Actually that last one is more of a WBG question than a Musto question, but in his spirit I'll just let you readers answer it.

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Anonymous said...

William Selyem, (New Winemaker)
Flowers (Lost Winemaker)
Copain (Converted Style)
Gary Farrell (recently sold for the 4th time)

Anonymous said...

Maybe if I make an offer for Flowers, they'll finally let me come for a tasting. :-/

Anonymous said...

that sounds like kosta browne to me