Thursday, April 10, 2014

A look at a European wine back label

If you think US wine label regulations are cumbersome, check out the back label info that must be used in the European Union.

After not buying into the anti-sulfite craze for decades, EU wine producers now have to write "contains sulfites" in every official EU language. How many languages do you recognize?

I like the "no pregnant woman" symbol above the sulfite warning. This is illegal in the US, apparently because the TTB fears Americans will believe it means wine will prevent pregnancy. Wouldn't that be great!

I'm not really sure what the three symbols to the right mean. Two of them appear to be recycling admonitions, which would seem like one too many. The symbol on the far right seems to indicate that if you have back pain, you should throw away the wine.

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Jack Everitt said...

The symbol on the right means this bottle is approved for use for playing Basketwine Ball by FIFA(R), the governing body of this new, hot Eurosport.

Unknown said...

"if you have back pain, you should throw away the wine" you really had me laughing for a minute there buddy! i actually think that symbol is for throwing away the wine if you dont like it. :)