Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My top wine and spirits stories in October

I wrote one of these, and one of those ...
Every month I write a bunch of stories about wine that don't appear on my blog. Unless you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you don't know these stories exist, so I look even lazier than I am.

Here are some of my best stories from October.

Against local liquor: I'm as much a locavore as anyone, but for whiskey I make an exception because I prefer whiskey that tastes good.

Pacific Northwest harvest the new normal: What kind of vintage was 2016 in Oregon and Washington? Depends on what side of the Columbia River you're on.

Jackson Family Wines swallows up another Oregon winery: Global warming and seemingly the end of bad vintages make Oregon vineyards a different kind of commercial commodity.

Another top vintage for Northern California: Was there ever any doubt?

Wine Blogging 101: What college students asked me about wine and blogging: A reminder to prepare yourself to answer the basics.

Constellation buys Charles Smith wines: In 2010, Charles Smith sued one or more of my blog commenters! Fortunately now that he's been paid $120 million, it's safe to comment again. Probably.

Unnecessary wine appliance seduces media: I know more about this device now than when I wrote the story, so maybe there will be another story in the future. For now, enjoy the snark.

And my favorite post from this blog last month, ICYMI:

Donald Trump, sommelier: Because you're going to pay for that wine. I promise you, you're going to pay for that wine.

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