Friday, June 27, 2014

Bad news update: Oakland A's dump wine for poorly made mixed drinks

In April I was astounded to find the best stadium wine list ever at the Oakland Coliseum, which has almost no edible food for fans and is best known nationally for occasionally flooding the players' locker rooms with sewage.

Unfortunately that miracle has ended. We went to last Friday's game and discovered that the A's have eliminated the wine booth entirely, replacing it with a booth selling $12 purportedly artisan cocktails.

Like the A's themselves, who boast 4 switch-hitters and sometimes use a 3-catcher offense, I tried to adapt to the game situation in front of me. But I walked away thirsty because they were out of ingredients for 2 of the 8 cocktails on offer, and, how can I put this politely, Oakland's stadium concessionaire doesn't hire UC Berkeley graduates (or even Cal State Hayward graduates).

It's easy to see why the concessionaire would want cocktails instead of wine: they're easier to sell. But it turns out to be easier to pour Cabernet in a plastic cup than to muddle mint or measure Bourbon. They'll be back to Bud Light in that space by ... hmm, late October?

But on a personal note, while I'll be drinking water for the rest of the baseball season, the moment that my wife and I have anticipated since the day in June 2011, when the A's drafted Sonny Gray in the 1st round, has finally arrived, with the production (at last) of official Athletics Sonny Gray t-shirts. We may not drink well at A's games anymore, but we will not be sartorially surpassed.

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Goma SF said...

Very sad that A’s wine booth is gone.
Didn’t last for long…

Good news is Sonny GRAY’s T-shirts finally available!

Mark Andrew Sinnott said...

Completely off topic and I am a bit late commenting on this... but since you are such a baseball fan I was wondering if you saw this. Would love to see it in more parks!

W. Blake Gray said...

Hey Mark, yes, I saw it. It's a great sign of civilization in the ballpark, especially if they put some microbrews in the machines. Why not pay more for fewer ounces of better beer? I believe some people willing to buy expensive tickets to ballgames are willing to pay more for better beverages.