Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Wine Snobs" are worse than thieves: ABC News

Wine lover, the mainstream media hates you.

If a criminal breaks into a house, logs onto Facebook on the victim's computer and forgets to log out, he's a "Burglar." Not a "social media dork."

If a woman shoplifts a designer purse or two, she's a "thief." Or Winona Ryder. But not a "purse snob."

But if a couple steals expensive wine from a retailer, probably hoping to resell it, what are they? Take it away, ABC News:

Look in the lower right-hand corner: there's the "social media dork" I mentioned. But no judgmental language in the headline. He's a burglar, defined by what he did, burgling.

The story claims the couple stole $14,000 worth of wine, a generous estimate based on the store's retail price gouging. They took two bottles of 2006 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, priced at $1400 at the store, which is $366 more than the most expensive price listed on Wine Searcher. Maybe the store is trying to inflate its insurance claim.

The suspects were not named, so we don't know who they are. But thanks to ABC News, we know what they are.

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1 comment:

Bob Henry said...


Wine stores that stock expensive bottles usually merchandise them under lock and key to minimize breakage and pilferage.

How these miscreants were able to get their hands on so many expensive bottles ($14,000 aggregate declared value), without the assistance of a store staffer, confounds me.

No doubt the store will be rethinking its security measures.

Let me throw a question out to your readers:

In the wine stores you patronize, are expensive bottles on display for shoppers to fondle . . . or secured away from being manhandled?

~~ Bob